Scammers Target Arbitrum Airdrop: Don’t Fall Victim!

• Arbitrum is launching a token airdrop on March 23, giving holders the ability to vote on code changes.
• Scammers have begun targeting this with phishing attempts and fake websites in order to steal funds from users.
• Crypto security firm Certik and Reddit user Cryptomaximalist has warned users to verify the website before clicking.

Arbitrum’s Upcoming Token Airdrop

Arbitrum is set to launch its ARB token airdrop on March 23, allowing holders to vote on code changes. This development has caught attention of scammers who are attempting to take advantage of crypto users’ excitement for free money by creating fake websites and phishing scams.

Warnings From Crypto Security Firm & Reddit User

Certik, a blockchain security firm, pointed out a fake Twitter account with the user name @arbitrum_launch as well as links to bogus Arbitrum sites. Reddit user Cryptomaximalist also warned against these scammers, advising everyone to check and verify the website before taking any actions.

Risk Of Fake Airdrops & Phishing Scams

Fake token airdrops and phishing scams are becoming increasingly common in the crypto space due to their potential for profit. It is essential for investors to be aware of these risks when participating in an upcoming event such as Arbitrum’s ARB token airdrop or seeking out free tokens elsewhere.

Tips To Avoid Being Victimized By Scammers

In order to protect themselves from potential scammers, investors should keep an eye out for any suspicious activity online or within their wallets. Additionally, they should always double-check that they are visiting legitimate websites by verifying URLs and making sure that accounts belong to official representatives of projects or companies.


It is important for investors and traders alike to stay vigilant when dealing with new crypto-related events or opportunities in order to protect themselves from malicious actors looking take advantage of them financially or otherwise; following simple tips can help ensure safety while taking part in activities such as Arbitrum’s upcoming ARB token airdrop

Ethereum Price Set To Double? Prediction for 2023 Shows $2000+!

• Ethereum (ETH) is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, a blockchain platform that revolutionized the DeFi sector by introducing smart contracts.
• In Ethereum (ETH) price prediction 2023, we use statistics, price patterns, RSI, RVOL and other information about ETH to analyze the future movement of the cryptocurrency.
• The current market status for Ethereum (ETH) is $1,456.59 with 24-hour trading volume of $17,918,796,825 and 24-hour price change of 3.7% up.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum (ETH), known as Ether, is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform that revolutionized the blockchain and DeFi sector by introducing smart contracts. This second-generation blockchain was launched in 2015 with its native crypto coin ether (ETH). The entire Ethereum network is fueled by Ether (ETH). It’s blueprint was first released in its whitepaper in 2013 by co-founder Vitalik Buterin and it functions as a launchpad for several other crypto tokens and decentralized applications (dApps). Smart contracts are coded programs that execute autonomously with pre-defined conditions on Ethereum deployed through an EVM or ‘Ethereum vending machine’.

Ethereum Transitioning to Proof-of-Stake(PoS)

The developers of Ethereum began preparing for a transition from proof-of-work(PoW) consensus to proof-of stake(PoS), which will be executed through ‘The Merge’ upgrade set for September 15th 2020. After this transition from PoW to PoS consensus; Ether (ETH) will convert into a deflationary token rather than an inflationary one.

Current Market Status Of ETH

The current market status for etheruem according to CoinGecko shows a price at $1,456.59 with 24 hour trading volume at $17,918,796,825 and 24 hour price change at 3.7% up – circulating supply levels stand at 120,467 336 units and all time high hit was recorded on November 10 2021 at 4 878 26 USDT .

Ethereum Price Prediction 2023

In our analysis of ETH price prediction 2023 we will use statistics ,price patterns ,RSI ,RVOL and other information related to ETH to analyse future movement of this cryptocurrency . Bullish eth price prediction 2023 stands between 1483 23 – 1805 26 USDT while bearish prediction stands at 1078 60 USDT . We also believe that eth could reach 2000 USDT soon but further research needs to be carried out before coming to any conclusion .


In conclusion we can say that ethereum has established itself as one of the most important crypto projects out there due to its wide range of features like smart contract capability so it’s quite possible that if all goes according to plan then eth could definitely hit 2000 usdt mark in near future .

Bitcoin NFTs to Reach $4.5 Billion Market Cap by 2025

• Bitcoin NFTs may reach $4.5 billion by March 2025.
• Ethereum and Solana were well-known leads in the field of NFT.
• The market estimation for the Bitcoin NFTs is $10 billion when the market is in a bull phase.

Bitcoin NFTs to Gain an Average $4.5 Billion Market Cap

Introduction to NFTs

The recent talks about Bitcoin Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have gained massive attention post the launch of Ordinal at the start of the new year. This has led to many updates like Yuga Labs’ announcement of “TwelveFold” and a recent update from Galaxy’s research unit with details about Ordinals and inscriptions, as well as a comparison between Bitcoin and Ethereum NFTs.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin NFTs

The introduction of Non Fungible Tokens on Bitcoin goes long back to 2012 and in 2014, Namecoin, the first NFT was minted on Bitcoin. As per Galaxy Research, if the market is in a bull phase, then this could lead to a potential market cap of $10 billion for Bitcoin NFTs whereas if there is bearish pressure then it could be reduced to $1.5 billion; with a neutral estimate being around $4.5 billion by March 2025.

Community Divided Over Network Stability

The bitcoin community is divided over this issue – one side thinks that an increase in activities will maintain network stability whereas other is concerned about increased transaction numbers leading to higher gas fees which can make it harder for small-scale transactors to use them effectively.


To conclude, it seems that although there are some concerns regarding increased transaction numbers resulting in higher gas fees making it difficult for small-scale transactors but if everything remains consistent then we may see a potential market cap of $10 billion or even more by March 2025 for Bitcoin Non Fungible Tokens (NTF).