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Introducing Neptune

Neptune was founded in 2002 in Hammersmith, West London by Robin Geffen. Our mission is to grow our clients' wealth over the long term by providing them with pure active investment management.

Pure active management is only possible in an institutional setting where there are no objectives that compete with making the right investments on behalf of our clients. We are majority-owned by our employees and directors and do nothing other than invest on behalf of our clients.

We strive to keep the cost of owning our funds as low as possible for our clients. This means operating efficiently and always putting our clients first.

Neptune approach

While each of our fund managers enjoys the freedom to apply their own unique approach to investing, we work closely together as a team on three key elements of the investment research process:

  • Global sector and macroeconomic research
  • Company meetings and analysis
  • Internal portfolio risk analysis and peer review, led by our CIO

The team

Our investment team works together to research companies, industries and economies to generate and challenge investment ideas. Every member of the team contributes to this collective research process, which enables us to bring the whole team's expertise to bear on any given investment idea. Find out about our research responsibilities.

The funds

We have a wide range of funds to suit the needs of our clients, from regional and global equity funds to multi-asset funds. The hallmark of each and every one of these funds is pure active investment management executed with conviction.