Bitcoin Blueprint Review 2022 – Is It Legit or a Scam?

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It’s not any longer a secret that trading in cryptocurrency is a reliable method for earning a steady income. The worth of cryptocurrency remains substantial even after the rout of 2018. In addition developers are developing robots to help facilitate the more efficient and profitable trading in cryptocurrency. Robots for trading, such as Bitcoin Blueprint automate much of the tasks that traders typically have to perform manually.

Automating trading processes can bring many benefits which include the possibility of more time. The concept behind trading robots may be apparent to you, but not Bitcoin Blueprint. You may be thinking what it is? Does it generate good profit? Does it have a legitimate source?

This review offers a thorough answer to these and many more questions. Particularly, we try to explain how the trading platform operates. The review tests every aspect of the software for trading and focuses on the claim that it could change peoples life. We’ll try to determine the authenticity of this software through analyzing several important aspects.

Who Created Bitcoin Blueprint?

John Quigley reportedly founded Bitcoin Blueprint. Quigley is said to be a crypto enthusiast who left Wall Street. According to his bio on the web, Quigley worked as a professional analyst in various firms that were located on Wall Street. His specialty is high-frequency trading.

Apart from implementing and overseeing in the management of Bitcoin Blueprint Software, Quigley is said to provide online cryptocurrency trading courses. The instructor provides students with insights into profitable trading whether by hand or through automated trading.

Our investigation was unable to provide information about the portfolio of Quigley, we did find many reviews which are awe-inspiring about his work. The majority of testimonials are favorable reviews that confirm the value of this robot for trading.

Trade in just 3 easy steps


Making an account with Bitcoin Blueprint follows two steps. In step one the user enters personal information like the first name as well as email addresses. In step 2, users enter additional personal details like phone number.

Make a Deposit

Once a account is created, users are directed to the correct broker, from which they can pay their accounts. Live trading will be activated once the funds appear in your account. While waiting, customers are able to practice trading on your demo account.

Start Trading

The trading platform of the broker users have access to the trading live features upon activation. They are available for your first purchase in accordance with the signals generated by the Bitcoin Blueprint software.

Register Now With Bitcoin Blueprint

Register Now With Bitcoin Blueprint

Visit Bitcoin Blueprint

Pros & Cons


  • allows users to run the software in demo mode
  • Proactive and experienced customer service for 24/7 assistance
  • It is reported to offer rapid payouts, as well as fast and simple withdrawals
  • Affiliated with brokers that are licensed
  • Security protocols that are robust have been put in place
  • Excellent reviews from both past and current users across the globe
  • Easy to use UI


  • It is impossible to completely avoid the risk of market risk
  • No mobile app

Key Features of Bitcoin Blueprint


According to the website of the company it boasts an extremely high rate of winning as well as users earning up to $1500 daily earnings. If the software is able to have the ability to earn such a large amount of income, we think that certain conditions need to be in place like a high level of expertise in trading, capital for trading, and the right market conditions.

Verification System

Bitcoin Blueprint has a robust verification system that is in place to check the authenticity of new users signing up with the site. First the users are required to enter their personal details, such as complete name and address which the team behind it verifies. The software then will ask the potential users to supply an active mobile number and address to confirm further.

Withdrawal Process

There are only a few steps to take and only a few steps. The speed at when you can receive your money is dependent on the service provider you choose to use. For instance, those who utilize Skrill or Bitcoin to pay their service may receive their funds earlier than bank transfers. In the end, it offers the fastest withdrawal rate.

Costs and Fees

The software for trading is completely free. But, customers must make a minimum deposit of $250 in order in order to enable live trading features. When they fund their trading account, traders do not incur any charges. Also, withdrawals do not require commissions or fees.

User Testimonials

On the site, numerous reviews by users praise the program for its high results. In other places on the web we have found a number of users from both past and present users who have praised the software. Based on the reviews the platform has, it’s clear the fact that Bitcoin Blueprint has a global user base.

Customer Service

Bitcoin Blueprint can be contacted by email, phone or through their website. Our research has revealed that all the communication channels are operating and are professionally managed.

Affiliated Brokers

After registration, Bitcoin Blueprint pairs users with brokers who are affiliated. Every user is assigned to a specific broker the software believes is most suitable. The choice of broker is based on the where the user is located. Its algorithm should be integrated in the trading platform of the broker in order to take control of trading when it is activated. There’s an “Turn Autotrading On” button on the broker’s website through that users can turn on the robot that trades.

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Is Bitcoin Blueprint Legit?

The first place one should start looking when evaluating the credibility of software is through online reviews. We speculated that software that is not legitimate comes with negative feedback from at 70 percent or more of users. We sifted through a variety of online forums, and our results were generally positive. Particularly, reviewers praised the robot’s capability to provide high returns within a matter of minutes after signing up.

Bitcoin Blueprint also passed muster for customer service. A lot of scams that have surfaced on the internet are operated by anonymous companies whose main goal is to deceive traders and then disappear with no trace. Scammers tend to want to be anonymous, right? But this wasn’t the case with Bitcoin Blueprint. We found we could verify that both the users i.e. the chat function and the email on the website are both active and that the people who run these are experienced.

4 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Blueprint for Trading

1. Fully Automated and Easy to Use

AI technology is said to be the base of the algorithms. The algorithms search the market for relevant information analyze, then report the results without any input of the end user. The UI is designed specifically for traders with no experience and is therefore easy to use by traders of all levels.

2. Faster Than a Human Is Capable

The period between data collection, analysis, and then reporting is equivalent to the time you blink twice. It’s quite remarkable particularly when compared with competitors. It is likely due to the AI technology that drives its algorithms. The purpose of automated trading systems is speeding up the process so that it can take advantage of the volatility that exists in the market for cryptocurrency.

3. Robust Data Protection Policy

The biggest concern for traders who trade in cryptocurrency concerns the safety of their platform as well as their personal information. In more than one instance hackers have gained entry to platforms for trading, and even hijacked software for auto trading to steal data from users. Additionally, certain auto trading software is not protected by policies regarding data protection that result in third-party access to access to personal data. This trading platform the website claims that they have integrated protection services from top security companies such as Norton, McAfee, and BitGo.

4. Seamless Withdrawals

Professional traders will immediately avoid software that aims to cut the profits of their clients. Most often, this is performed by imposing absurd, and often unfair charges like fees and commissions. The company does not charge commissions and withdrawals are completely free of cost.

What Is the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Blueprint?

Bitcoin Blueprint promises to earn its users a decent amount of money by registering on the platform. The users get access to an exclusive cryptocurrency community where information is easily accessible. But you’re not likely to enjoy the results backed by past and current users if you don’t utilize Bitcoin Blueprint the best way. What is the most effective method to utilize Bitcoin Blueprint?

First, the best method to make use of any robot for auto trading is to know the specifics of how it collects and analyzes market data. In this section, you can find out what type of market information the software gathers. The majority of trading robots collect information related to market movements like volume and price. Find out whether the software gathers and analyzes all or part of the information. What can you do to achieve this? Utilize Demo mode. It is a great way to understand the trading environment without placing any money at risk.

Also, stay on top of developments in the market. In the beginning, automated trading software performs tasks that humans would normally perform. Software is more popular since they perform the job faster and are more efficient. But, the software can’t follow the news or monitor the current events in the political sphere which could have a major impact on the market for cryptocurrency. It is therefore your responsibility to stay up to date so that you are able to modify the parameters of the software to suit your needs.

Has Bitcoin Blueprint Ever Appeared On TV?

Automated cryptocurrency trading platforms are popular all over the world. This phenomenon is being propagated through viral stories on the internet and via popular television shows. TV shows like CNN’s Quest Means Business, Shark Tank, Bloomberg Technology, and more , highlight the most significant news in technology and business today. There were rumors about Bitcoin Blueprint has appeared on certain shows, and we decided to look into it.

Quest Means Business

The show is hosted by experienced reporter Richard Quest, Quest Means Business is a cult show that examines the biggest news stories from around the globe in business. The show is broadcast five times per every week on CNN. Quest oversees a team of correspondents who analyze data from the business world , with the goal of educating investors. For instance, the program presents unique developments like an innovative program that aids traders in earning more money. It seems like an ideal platform for Bitcoin Blueprint, but we haven’t been able to prove that the program has ever been featured as a feature on Quest Means Business.

Shark Tank

Literally, Shark Tank refers to an aquarium full of sharks. Imagine these sharks as investors and you’re an entrepreneurial. The sharks want at the entrepreneur and trying to eat him but the entrepreneur has to locate a way out. The best way to get out is to present a revolutionary pitch that convinces investors to invest money. If you don’t, investors will dismiss you. You can bet those pitches which make it onto Shark Tank are those whose promoters believe they are worthy of interest of the. In fact, the idea that is behind this trading robot lives according to the standard but we don’t have any details about it being featured at all on Shark Tank.

Has Bitcoin Blueprint Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

We also came across reports that the trading robot is well-liked by famous people. Internet users have claimed that some famous businesspeople and celebrities have spoken out in favor the idea of Bitcoin Blueprint. This review will we present our findings after searching on the internet to determine the truth to these claims.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a familiar name in the realm of business, technology and charitable giving. Many occasions, Forbes Magazine named Gates the most successful person on earth. Microsoft the company that helped bring Gates to the limelight is the owner of Windows, which is the most loved operating system for computers in the world. Additionally, Bill Gates is a admitted fan of cryptocurrency. When he spoke to Bloomberg, Gates stated that Bitcoin is superior to currency since it addresses the many economic issues that are currently affecting the world. For some it means it means that Bitcoin could be the new major trend in finance. For all the admiration Bill Gates has shown for Bitcoin however, we did not discover or read that Bill Gates has endorsed it.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is among the great people who brought Dragons”Den” worldwide. Dragons’ Den can be described as reality TV show broadcast by BBC Two, where entrepreneurs present their business ideas. The judges, also known as Dragons, review the pitches and then fund ideas they believe are feasible, feasible and lucrative. Apart from playing the role of a Dragon, Peter Jones is an entrepreneur, whose portfolio is awe-inspiring. Some of the businesses that Jones is interested comprise Levi Roots, Expansys, and Jessops. Our research revealed that we haven’t found any evidence to establish a link between Peter Jones to a Bitcoin Blueprint endorsement.

John McAfee

It is difficult to forget the name in the world of cryptocurrency due to the controversy it’s associated with. In one instance McAfee stated that the company would kill his employees should Bitcoin didn’t reach $1 million. We are sure that McAfee was adamant about his faith in Bitcoin’s ability to change the way we think about the world of finance. However, despite this belief however, the anti-virus giant has never been a fan of the platform.

Gordon Ramsay

The internet is full of stories that link Gordon Ramsay to numerous Bitcoin investment schemes. Some online articles have utilized the popular TV host’s name to advertise Bitcoin frauds. However an story published in The Guardian reported that Gordon Ramsay is not connected to such scams. Furthermore, Ramsay has never publicly made statements in support or against Bitcoin Blueprint. So, it’s difficult to tie him to any support for Bitcoin Blueprint.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Success by using Bitcoin Blueprint

Bitcoin Blueprint, like all other auto trading platforms promises to speed up market analysis as well as execute trade positions that one is entered into. However, the program could not be helpful when you as a trader make mistakes that are not needed. What can you ensure success making use of trading software? Here are some tips:

Use the demo account

In general, traders believe a lot of things when they become confident in their professions. One thing they typically assume is that they need to try out new software thoroughly before investing funds. The majority of software has demo accounts solely to test the software. to gain an understanding of the platform so that you can make use of the unique features to increase results. So, utilize the demo account that is provided to test the efficacy and profitability potential and overall feel that the system provides.

Learn how the cryptocurrency market operates

As a software for trading that is automated, Bitcoin Blueprint merely interprets market actions. For instance, the program analyzes trade volume, price and the orders it receives to generate trading signals. However, it cannot be a complete expert such as the best cryptocurrency or fiat/cryptocurrency combination to purchase or sell. So, it’s up to you to search for and take action on this details prior to entering the parameters of your trading software.

What do experts say?

The trading platform was introduced in the year 2018, which means that some traders have been using the software time enough to earn the status of an expert. Incredibly, the majority of experts are willing to share their knowledge in many forums online. What experts are saying will provide you with insights on how best to use Bitcoin Blueprint. Bitcoin Blueprint application.

Start with smaller deposits

Bitcoin Blueprint specifies the minimum amount of deposit to be $250. For those who are new to Bitcoin Blueprint, this amount will be enough to learn how the software functions during trading live. It is recommended to only increase the stakes per dollar in the event that you’re not confident and understating that the software is reliable. The importance of this hack is that you don’t lose much if you lose the first trade.

Take a few profits regularly.

The desire to reinvest the entire profits to ensure that you can earn bigger gains is overwhelming in the first few days of using the new software. Most users wish to earn as much as they can in the least amount of time frame. What happens if the market is against you? You’ll lose the entire moneyand it’s not worth the risk. Instead, you should withdraw some cash at a time so you be able to display something at the time you’re done.

Our Conclusion

Crypto enthusiasts who are shrewd know that a good auto trading program should be trustworthy, authentic as well as secure and reliable. Our investigation revealed a variety of online reviews and testimonials that tick all of these boxes.

When using Bitcoin Blueprint or any other trading software, it’s essential to conduct your own research in order to confirm its authenticity. The software is user-friendly and includes an demo account that will aid you in this endeavor.

Trading in cryptocurrency using CFDs always comes with risks, which is why it’s essential to know everything you can before investing the amount you cannot afford to risk losing.